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An entertainment and comedy podcast hosted by Tim Drake. Tim talks with comedians, actors, and musicians, while also delivering weekly entertainment and pop culture news.


On today's episode, we have screenwriter David Howard! 

David is best know for writing the hit film, "Galaxy Quest", and his new film "Trek" hits theaters in April. Austin also stars in "Trek", and it was great to hear some of Austin's experiences on the film as well. 

We talked with David about the current state of film and television, growing up in Arizona, getting involved with writing "Trek", how he came up with "Galaxy Quest" and how it ended up getting made, pitching to networks, and so much more. 

A huge thanks to David Howard for taking the time to join us on this episode, and thanks to Austin for getting this set up. Make sure to go see "Trek" when it opens in a city near you. See the trailer for "Trek" on our website or YouTube!

Thanks, David!

Enjoy the episode!

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Happy Oscar Sunday, everybody! Today's episode is our annual Oscars picks episode. 

Austin Grant and I sat down at The Dolby Theater in Hollywood, home of the Oscars, to record our annual Oscar episode and make our picks on all 24 of the categories.

We loved so many of these films and nominees this year. There of course were a few that we didn't care for, and some we were shocked weren't nominated. I go on a bit of a rant in regards to one entertainment reporters stupid opinion on some snubs, but hey, it's his stupid opinion. Cleary I've gotten over it at this point. As always, there are a few categories where you might wonder why we picked who we picked, even though we know it may not be the favorite. We have our reasons, but you'll have to listen to the episode to them find out!

We hope you have a great time watching the 90th Oscars TONIGHT on ABC, hosted by one of our personal favorites, Jimmy Kimmel. Austin and I will have a recap on an upcoming episode about our Oscar night and more in a few weeks. Enjoy the show! 

You can view all of our picks at www.onthemicpodcast.com


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On today's episode, I have actor Tom Everett Scott and Director John Hyams!

Tom and John joined myself and Austin Grant to take about their new film "All Square", which will be premiering at SXSW on March 10th. 

We had such a great time talking to Tom and John about the process of making "All Square", learning about the screenwriter of the film, working together on Z Nation, a little chat about "That Thing You Do", and so much more. 

A huge thanks to Tom and John for taking the time to join us on this episode. Make sure to go see "All Square" at SXSW. Austin and I absolutely loved this film and you will not want to miss it. Click on the links at www.onthemicpodcast.com to follow Tom and John on social media and to pick up your tickets for "All Square". 

Thanks, Tom and John!

Enjoy the episode

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February 23, 2018

Episode 119 - Cliche

On today's episode, Austin Grant and I sat down to catch up about what we've been up to for the last few weeks. 

Since we last recorded, we have been incredibly busy writing sketches for our upcoming sketch show, submitting auditions, filming roles, and networking like crazy. Over the last few years of the podcast, we've never really talked about the day jobs & part time jobs we've maintained to build a career in entertainment. We decided talk about our day jobs and how we've become the ultimate cliche as we've moved to Los Angeles.

It's incredibly cliche to be an Uber/Lyft driver, waiter, or bartender while pursuing a career in entertainment, but we knew this was a good opportunity for us to be able to take our career to the next step. We talk about the work life balance to make sure we're moving forward, and how we planned for success in Los Angeles. We have a lot of hilarious stories for our first few months living in Los Angeles and finding our bearings, as well as some great opportunities that have presented themselves. 

We find ourselves spending plenty of time at a Starbucks or at UCB, sitting and writing, being the ultimate Los Angeles cliche. We decided to own the fact that our life really is a cliche right now, but make it so that everybody that listens to the show can follow our path and see where this insane industry takes us. Hopefully we don't come across preachy in the episode since we are still two guys trying to figure out what in the hell we're doing. We hope that you enjoy learning more about our career and journey in this episode.

Thanks for all of your support!

Enjoy the episode. 

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February 11, 2018

Episode 118 - Caroline Weiss

On today's episode, I have writer, comedian, and storyteller, Caroline Weiss! 

Caroline has a new show debuting at the Nerdist Showroom at Meltdown this coming Tuesday called, "Crazy Dates I've Met on the Internet". When Caroline first told me about this show was intrigued to hear more about it and I can't wait to see it this week. Caroline and I work together at the Nerdist Showroom so this was a great opportunity to step aside from working comedy shows and learn more about her story and this new show. 

On the episode I talked to Caroline about growing up and moving all over the country, finding her path in film and comedy, studying politics, meeting people on the internet, bad dates, and so much more. 

A huge thanks to Caroline for taking the time to come on the podcast with her tight schedule getting this show ready. Get your tickets now before they are gone since they are selling fast. Follow All the Crazy Dates on the websites below! 

Thanks, Caroline!

Enjoy the episode!

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On today's episode I have one of my longtime friends, actor Matthew Bellows!

It's been close to 15 years since the last time that I saw Matt, but it was great to sit down with him and catch up and learn more about his career. Over the last few years Matt has been in a number of phenomenal shows such as Grimm, Colony, Fuller House, TV Land's Teachers, I'm Dying Up Here, and BYU TV's Extinct. 

I talked with Matt about making the move from Utah to pursue his career in acting, living in New York, moving to LA, getting an education, his approach to acting, and so much more. Austin was also part of this episode and it was great to sit back and watch Austin and Matt discuss their approaches to acting and film.

A huge Thank You to Matthew Bellows for taking the time to sit down and talk with us on this episode. Matt was in the middle of a busy work week as he is currently filming an episode of "I'm Dying Up Here" on Showtime. Make sure to follow Matt on all of the social media links on the website, www.onthemicpodcast.com  

Thanks, Matt!

Enjoy the episode. 

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On today's episode of the podcast, we are coming to you LIVE from Pasadena Comic Con!

Austin Grant and I went to the Pasadena Convention Center to check out this one day convention and we had such a great time! On this episode we also had a chance to talk with Jim Hillin about his new comic book, "Zombie Bunnies", as well as Margaret Kerry who was the original model/actress for Tinkerbell. 

Both Jim and Margaret had great stories to tell, and incredible back grounds as well! Aside from Tinkerbell, Margaret was in over 100 of the 3 Stooges episodes, as well as episodes of The Andy Griffith Show. We later found out Jim has worked on films such as Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, I Am Legend, Suicide Squad, and the upcoming Mary Poppins film, just to name a few. 

After leaving to convention, Austin and I took a short walk through Pasadena to check out Pasadena City Hall, which was used as Pawnee City Hall in Parks and Rec. We also stopped at a small antiques mall where we found Party Deer and had a dainty tea party. 

A huge Thanks to Pasadena Comic Con for allowing us to come to the convention. We had such a great time and look forward to coming back next year. Also a big thank you Jim Hillin and Margaret Kerry for talking with us on this episode. They were so kind and so fascinating to talk to. 

Enjoy the episode. 

VISIT www.onthemicpodcast.com for more, including links to Zombie Bonnies and Margarter Kerry's book, "Tinker Bell Talks". 

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January 25, 2018

Episode 115 - Zack Bornstein

On today's episode I have Emmy nominated writer and comedian, Zack Bornstein!

Zack is best known for his work on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and Saturday Night Live. I first met Zack at a Meltdown show several years ago and was thrilled to finally have him join me on the show. Zack had an interesting path into comedy and it was great to learn his story. 

On the episode I talked with Zack about how he got involved with comedy, attending Brown University, being a Rhodes Scholarship Finalist, working with Jimmy Kimmel, writing on SNL, dealing with our utilities, and so much more. 

A huge Thanks to Zack for letting me come by his house to record this episode. It was great to talk with him and get to know him better. Make sure to follow Zack on all of the links on the website. 

Thanks, Zack!

Enjoy the episode. 

FOLLOW ZACK ON TWITTER: @zackbornstein


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January 18, 2018

Episode 114 - The Cleanse

On today's episode, Austin Grant and I take some time to catch up since he's finally joined me here in Los Angeles!

Austin and I talked about the new cleanse that he's started, the upcoming Oscar's, exploring Los Angeles, coffee, hiking, and so much more. We also announced the new sketch show that we will be putting on March 1st at the Nerdist Showroom! Details still to come on that, but mark your calendars now.

Austin will also be more of a regular on the podcast now that he is living here and we both have a little more free time as we're building our careers in LA. We have a lot of great guests coming up, but if we don't have a guest on for the week, you can expect an episode of Austin and I talking about our week and what events we have coming up.

Enjoy the episode! 

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On today's episode I have Katie O'Brien & Katy Colloton from TV Land's "Teachers"!

This is a returning episode for Katie and Katy as they had previously been on the show with the rest of their comedy group, The Katydids. "Teachers" is currently in it's second season which returns TONIGHT on TV Land. This season has been absolutely hilarious and you don't want to miss a moment of it. 

It was great to sit down and talk with Katie and Katy about moving to LA and selling their show, developing their characters, working on Season 3, favorite guest stars, heading home for the holidays and so much more. 

A huge thanks to Katie and Katy for inviting me out to the set of "Teachers" to record this episode, and taking the time out of their busy schedules right before the holidays. Make sure to follow them on social media and tune in TONIGHT as Season 2 returns. You can also get caught up on Season 1 of "Teachers" on iTunes and the TV Land app. Find them on all of the links on the website. 

Thanks, Katie & Katy!

Enjoy the episode. 

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