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An entertainment and comedy podcast hosted by Tim Drake. Tim talks with comedians, actors, and musicians, while also delivering weekly entertainment and pop culture news.


November 17, 2019

Episode 174 - Samba Schutte

On today's episode I have actor and comedian, Samba Schutte!

Samba is best known for his current work on NBC's new show "Sunnyside", as well as the newly released video game, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. I had never met Samba going into this episode, but I was really enjoying his work on "Sunnyside" and invited him on the show. It was such a delight getting to know Samba and hearing his incredible story. 

On the episode we talked about growing up in Ehtiopia, moving to the Netherlands and starting his comedy career, being a corespondant on the Dutch version The Daily Show, moving to Los Angeles and the struggles he faced as an immigrant, trying to build his career while getting his green card, palm reading, the "Sunnyside" audition process, and so much more. 

Thank you to Samba Schutte for taking the time to come on the show. I didn't know what to expcet while we recorded and hearing Samba's story was both humbling and inspiring. Make sure to watch "Sunnyside" every Thurday on the NBC app, NBC.com, and Hulu. Pick up Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order today as well! 

Thanks, Samba!

Enjoy the episode. 

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Happy Halloween! Today's episode of the podcast is a recap of this year's 31 Days of Horror, as well as my time at LA Comic Con and more. 

There was so many incredible locations on this year's 31 Days of Horror. Some of my favorites this year were: The Queen Mary, Rockhaven Sanitarium, The Oman House, The Harris House, and Brand Park, just to name a few. All of the videos are available through my Instagram @timdrake42 or @onthemicpodcast Thank you for following along and sending messages and comments throughout the month. A lot of work goes into these simple videos and it's great to get feedback that you're enjoying them. 

LA Comic Con was also an incredible time this year. There were so many great panels with the cast of The Office, Elijah Wood's Spectrevision, Rhett and Link, and a special Jay and Silent Bob Reboot Panel. There was also an awesome Jay and Silent Bob & Clerks pop up that Kevin Smith and Jay Mewes stopped by in costume to chat and take pictures. It was such a great time with them! 

The Jay and Silent Bob Reboot love continued through the weekend as well as I had the opportunity to attend Kevin Smith and Jay Mewes handprint ceremony at the Chinese Theater. This was the first ceremony I've had the opportunity to attend and I was thrilled that it was for two people that have had a huge influence on me. 

Thank you for follow along with 31 Days of Horror all month. Thank you to LA Comic Con for having me back for another year as well. All new episodes next week. 

Have a safe and Happy Halloween. 

Enjoy the episode. 


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October 8, 2019

Episode 172 - Tony Thaxton

On today's episode I have drummer and podcaster, Tony Thaxton! 

Tony is the drummer for one of my all-time favorite bands, Motion City Soundtrack, as well as the band Don't Stop or We'll Die. Tony also hosts one of my new favorite podcasts, "Bizzare Albums", as well as the "Feliz Navipod" podcast, and is the on-air Producer from Andrea Savage's new podcast "Andrea Savage - Grown Up Woman #Buttholes", and Alison Rosen's podcast, "Alison Rosen is Your New Best Friend". 

I talked to Tony about growing up in Virginia, how he started playing drums, his musical inspirations, joining Motion City Soundtrack, breaking his arm before recording, getting into podcasting, Bizzare Albums, producing podcasts, and so much more!

A huge Thanks to Tony for taking the time out of his incredibly busy schedule to come on the podcast. Look for Tony on tour with Motion City Soundtrack this January and make sure to subscribe to Bizzare Albums and Andrea Savage - Grown Up Woman #Buttholes. Follow Tony on all of the links at www.onthemicpodcast.com

Thanks, Tony! 

Enjoy the episode

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Today's episode is a little different from our usual episode as it's a re-release of an old 2014 episode with comedian, Pete Holmes. 

Normally I wouldn't be a fan of re-releasing an old episode. But with some of the new changes going on with the podcast, going forward I am only going to be keeping the most recent 50 episodes available for download. This chat with Pete was a great talk and he gave some great advice in the episode that I didn't want new listeners to miss out on. I clearly had no idea what I was doing on this episode and the podcast has come a long way, but Pete's advice, lessons learned in comedy, and chat about Late Night TV is worth the listen. 

Pete originally came on the podcast in 2014 as Episode 15 to promote his TBS late night show, "The Pete Holmes Show".  Of course since this episode Pete has gone on to make the incredible HBO series "Crashing", and recently released his book, "Comedy Sex God". Pete is also the host of the long running comedy podcast, "You Made It Weird", and has several comedy specials available through HBO and Comedy Central. Hopefully we will have Pete back on the podcast in a future episode. 

Before we get to Pete, I also talked about 31 Days of Horror that started TODAY and some of the locations I'll be going to this month. I'm excited to be doing 31 Days of Horror again and I can't wait for you guys to see the new 1 minute videos. 

Enjoy this re-release!

All-new episode next week. 

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On today's episode I have one of my longtime friends, musician David Charles back on the podcast!

Dave was previously on the podcast on Episode 1! Back when I was trying to decide if I should start a podcast, I knew Dave would be the perfect person to talk to as he had been touring with Neon Trees as their tour guitarist and we had a history in music together. All these years later Dave is finally back on the show. Even though we just live a few streets away from each other, we rarely get to catch up and usually only run into each other at comedy shows or when I see Dave waiting to cross the street (listen to the episode for context). 

Dave and I talked about what we've been up to, the awkward social pressure of having adult friends, the people we see around our neighborhood, The Simpsons, Norm MacDonald impressions, and a lot of other nonsense.

A huge Thanks to Dave for coming by and hanging out on the podcast. Make sure you follow Dave on all of the links on the website, download is solo albums, and look for him on tour with Neon Trees! 

Thanks, Dave!

Enjoy the episode. 

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Today's episode of the podcast is another solo episode! This week wasn't planned to be a solo episode, but after a few guests had to reschedule this week, I decided to improvise. 

As I mentioned in the first solo episode, one of my biggest issues when I started the podcast years ago was a lack of consistency. This was something I wanted to change and vowed I would. So in the wake of my frustration of not having a guest, I decided to take a deep breath and not let it ruin my week. 

If you listen to The Good Place: The Podcast, at the end of every episode Mark Evan Jackson asks each guest "What's Good?". The guest can answer anything here that brings them joy. It could be a charity, their family, ice cream, really anything that brings them joy. As I sat here frustrated I found me asking myself, "What's Good?". This inspired me to record an episode to talk about how all of us can try and do better and do good. 

There's so many terrible things going on the world. While putting our head in the sand and pretending like they don't exist isn't the answer, what we can do is try and do good for ourselves, for our neighbors, and for our community. 

I talked about my own personal goals to get better and evolve as a human, some of the charities that I support and love, methods I use to put my head in a better place, self care, great pages I follow, and just how to be a better person. 

This feels like some crazy Tony Robbins bullshit, but it's not. This was just what was on my mind this week was how we can get over the let downs life hands us and to just get better and do good. 

I hope this episode is something that can make you simple and inspire you to do some good. 

Let's all keep getting better. 

Go do some good. 

Thanks for listening. 



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On today's episode I recap the news and experiences we had at D23 and Long Beach Comic Con!

There's no guest on this episode as I wanted to take the time to share some of the big news from D23 and talk about our experiences at Long Beach Comic Con. We recieved so much news at D23, primarily focused on a lot of the Disney+ programming. There was a lot of news from Star Wars, Marvel, The Muppets, and of course The Simpsons. 

It was great to return to Long Beach Comic Con this year. It seemed to be a little quieter this year with the lack of some past vendors and guests, but I attributed that to the stiff competition in the convention circuit this past weekend. Nonetheless, we still have a great time. One of the stand out vendors that we've looked at before was Unwrapped Art. We've had some of their work on the instagram and you'll hear all about them in this episode. 

There's a lot of great things happening in entertainment right now. So many great new shows in the works, great comics, new films, and great art! Thank you for having us back Long Beach! And don't forget to get signed up for Disney+ as it launches November 12th. 

Enjoy the episode! 




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August 30, 2019

Episode 167 - Luke Null

On today's episode I have comedian, writer, and musician, Luke Null!

Luke is best known for his work on Saturday Night Live as he was part of the Season 43 cast. Luke also just released his first comedy album called, "Guitar Comic", which I cannot suggest enough. Luke and I had never met before, but was somebody I was a fan of that I wanted to learn more about it. I decided to reach out to him and was thrilled that he was willing to come on the show.

I talked to Luke about growing up in Ohio, finding his path to comedy, moving to Chicago, his path to SNL, being part of the "one and done" SNL group, his new album "Guitar Comic", and so much more!

A huge Thanks to Luke Null for taking the time to come on the podcast and talk about his career. As I've mentioned in the podcast, "Guitar Comic" is an incredibly hilarious album and one that you absolutely need to listen to. You can also see some of Luke's SNL sketches at www.onthemicpodcast.com Also make sure to follow Luke and listen to "Guitar Comic" on the links as well. 

Thanks, Luke! 

Enjoy the episode. 

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On today's episode I have comedian and writer, Janet Quinonez! 

Janet and I first crossed paths during my time at Metldown as she and her husband were regulars at shows. I knew Janet had a popular comedy show here in Los Angeles called Drunkalogue, and knew that she would be a great guest to talk comedy and building her career. 

I talked with Janet about getting her start in radio, living in Texas and moving to LA, deciding to make the career change from the corporate world to TV writing, going through UCLA's TV writing program, studying at UCB, working for NBC, how Drunkalogue came about, and so much more. 

A huge Thanks to Janet for taking the time to join me on the podcast this week. Make sure to follow her on the links below and go see Drunkalogue here in Los Angeles at The Clubhouse. The next show is September 11. Come hang out with me at the show and see Janet as well. 

Thanks, Janet!

Enjoy the episode. 

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On today's episode I have viral sensation Alex Kack, aka Green Shirt Guy! 

Alex became a viral sensation this past week after he was caught on camera laughing at the response of some protesters at a Tuscon City Council meeting. After talking with Alex I also took the time on this episode to talk about two of the recent Emmy FYC events that Netflix invited us to for "Russian Doll" and "When They See Us". 

I talked with Alex about what it's like to become a viral sensation and know that he will live forever on the internet as a meme and gif, peoples misconceptions about Sanctuary Cities, his activism work with Sanctuary Tucson, how people can get involved, and so much more. I also talked about listening to Maya Rudolph and Natasha Lyonne talk about "Russian Doll" at Hollywood Forever Cemetery, and the importance of Ava DuVernay's show "When They See Us". 

A huge thanks to Alex Kack for taking the time to come on the podcast. Another thanks to Netflix for inviting us to attend the Emmy FYC events for "Russian Doll" and "When They See Us". See Alex's viral video and trailers for both shows on the website below. 

Thanks for listening!

Enjoy the episode!




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